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10 Reasons Why I Love my Lillebaby

If you haven’t noticed, I am a big fan of baby wearing. I’ve tried many carriers Ergo, Ergo 360, Beco Baby, Baby Bjorn, Sakura Bloom Sling, and Bity Bean. Honestly I have loved them all, I love everything about baby wearing and having as many carriers as I can possibly collect. It wasn’t until I got my Lillebaby All Seasons Complete carrier that I fell head over heels and here is why…

1.) There are 6 ways to wear it, and no newborn insert is required.

2.) The adjustable base. The base narrows for forward facing AND for babies that aren’t ready for the wide base. My little guy had short legs for a while and the narrow base was perfect for him!

3.) The lumber back support. Carrying this guy has been a workout and a half ever since he was two months old. It killed my shoulders and back. I discovered crossing the straps on carriers that allow this  helps, but the lumber support on the Lillebaby helps even more. Once you have the lumber support – you will not want to go without one!

4.) The option for air flow. You can unzip the front of the carrier to a mesh front. This allows the air to flow. I don’t know about you, but my guy seriously overheats when I wear him if it is above 70 degrees. Being able to get some air flowing really helps!

5.) This is a little repetitive, but it’s complete. It’s the only carrier you will ever need!

6.) My 6’2″ – 200 lb husband even loves it. It fits him very well and allows him to wear, which he loves!

7.) Everything Lillebaby stands for. It’s an amazing company – and I love everyone who works for Lillebaby!

8.) It’s cute. Everyone wants a cute baby carrier, and I must say the lillebaby is very cute!

9.) The head rest. The adjustable head rest is perfect for sleepy babies. I love it because in the beginning of our walks, Graydon likes to see everything and look around. When I notice him getting sleepy, I can just put the head rest up and let him sleep.

10.) It’s easy to use. I’m not a wrap or sling expert, so when I’m out alone with baby – I want something quick and easy to use. This takes seconds to put baby in – I don’t even need to wake him up if he falls asleep in the car.

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2 Responses

  1. I love all your reasons for loving your lillebaby! It really is a world of difference to try this carrier compared to others! Also, I love this picture!

  2. Yes! Those are definitely all of the reasons! Of course, a hubby wearing increases it times like infinity!

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