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I could sit here and tell you that I’m not big into shopping, but that would be a lie.   I love to shop, I love finding good deals, and I love getting good deals. When out shopping I look at quality, brand, cuteness, and comfort. This code applies to clothes, shoes, handbags, hats, and baby carriers. Yes, you heard me right, I said baby carriers, in the same sentence as clothes and shoes. I’m like a crazy cat lady with baby carriers instead of cats. I’m obsessed with wearing babies. The closeness, the comfort, the ease, and how comfortable and safe my baby feels,  I couldn’t live without my carriers. There’s ergo, ergo 360, beco, tula, sakura bloom ring sling and then there is Lillebaby. While all of these carriers met my criteria of quality, brand, cuteness, and comfort, Lillebaby just outshines them all and goes  above and beyond my expectations.

Here is why I love Lillebaby:
Quality – The quality is amazing. The fabric is so soft and the carrier is very well made.
Brand – The ladies behind the brand are awesome! I cannot say enough good things about them. 
Cuteness – From the carrier to the logo, it’s adorable and I’m in love with the designer carriers!
Comfort – This carrier is so comfortable. I have carried a 25 lb baby miles in this thing! It has a lumber support for your back that works wonders! Crossing the straps in the back can also make a big difference!
Functional – It has a hood for covering your baby. My favorite part though, the head rest that can be up or down. It’s perfect for your baby to have freedom, but also be supported when asleep! The newly designed carriers also have pockets which are a necessity for me  you can also get the airflow, which is mesh or the all seasons, which unzips to mesh for baby wearing in warm weather.
Bragging rights – People’s sexiest man, Hemsworth and his wife use Lillebaby and so does Olivia Wilde. 
It’s also an amazing deal and worth every penny!

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