LILLEbaby VS Ergo 360

LILLEbaby VS Ergo 360
If your baby is anything like mine, forward facing is an absolute must. He does this back arch, and I swear he almost flips himself completely out of the carrier.
When this kid is awake, and all done with snuggle time, he wants to face the world and see what’s going on. These are a couple of the top carriers, that are ergonomic, and allow forward facing. I believe the Beco Gemini is another. I checked it out at Cotton Babies and noticed the base to be very narrow for an ergonomic carrier. It doesn’t quite extend to my little guys knees. 
The Ergo 360 also has a more narrow base, making the seat a little more uncomfortable. I like the base to mold around his bum, and this base was too stiff for that. I wasn’t a fan of the Velcro either. It was hard to adjust and taking it off when he is sleeping is impossible! I also didn’t like how the carrier narrowed at the knees instead of at the base. If you watch the demo on their website, you get more of an idea of how it works. The infant insert can also be difficult. I had a hard time fitting him comfortably without getting too hot.
The LILLEbaby is everything I would want in a SSC. The base narrows perfectly at the base for him to fit comfortably. The base adjusts to be nice and wide and extends to his knees nicely. It’s definitely wider than the Beco Gemini and Ergo 360. The headrest can be buckled up for taller babies/ sleeping babies for great support! It is probably one of my favorite features. It supports his head so well when he falls asleep. I found it hard to get him comfortable with other carriers, his head would flop around so much. 

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