|| Bambo Nature Review ||

Diapers can be so hard to shop for. Here is a list of what I look for:
– no leaks
– lasts overnight
– no chemicals
– affordable
– minimizes rashes
– convenience
I like to use cloth diapers. They are gentle on little G’s skin and they are chemical free. Cloth isn’t always the easiest to use though. There are times when I need disposable.

I’ve finally found a disposable diaper I like just as much as cloth. After three days using them, little G has much less redness on his bum. I couldn’t believe how gentle these are on him. I haven’t had any leaks and they work great overnight.
These diapers are made to be safe, chemical free, and hypoallergenic. They are not only good for your baby, but they are eco friendly as well. They are made from sustainable materials.
I highly recommend these diapers for anyone who wants eco friendly and chemical free diapers.

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