Monat Hair Products

Shampoos and conditioners I’ve used in the past contain chemicals, and plastics. They have given my hair a temporary fix, and long term damage.
After using the Monat Balance Treatment System, my hair has looked and felt so amazing! It moisturizes and balanced my hair without weighing it down or damaging my hair. After every wash my hair feels clean and soft, and it continues to feel that way throughout the day.

The products are salt and sulfate free as well. It’s not only great fort hair, but my scalp as well. 

Each balance system comes with shampoo, leave in conditioner and a hair masque.

I’ve been using this system for two weeks now and my hair has been so manageable, even living in Tennessee where the humidity and weather does not help. My hair has been soft and not frizzy at all. I’ve found that I don’t need to use any other hair products while using this system as well!

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