Avoiding Overnight Leaks With Ecoposh

Overnight leaks are the last thing i want to be up cleaning at 3AM. If you have a heavy wetter, it can be difficult to avoid leaks overnight. Although cloth diapers have helped with this problem, G still has his occasional leak. With an Ecoposh wool cover I found we experienced no leaks! 
Did you know wool absorbs water, but won’t be left feeling wet? Wool also helps regulate body temperature. Wool is breathable, natural and has a natural anti bacterial. 

Ecoposh wool covers are so beneficial. Avoid night time leaks, keep your little one comfortable, and keep life simple. They are so easy to wash, and require minimal care! 
We’ve been using our Ecoposh wool cover for a month now and haven’t had any leaks! Although Kangacare rumparooz are very absorbing and great overnight diapers, these wool covers make sure we experience zero leaks! G sleeps so comfortably in his Ecoposh cover. 

Lear how to care for wool here: http://www.diaperjungle.com/lanolizing-wool.html
You can find Ecoposh covers on thee Kangacare website for $29.96.


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