SeaWorld Orlando Tips and Tricks


Thanks to SeaWorld Orlando for providing us with tickets to visit the park! All opinions shared are my own.

SeaWorld is a great park to take kids. The park has great accommodations for families and so much to see. Here are ten tips and tricks for visiting with children under 5!

1.) Food – There is a lot to see at SeaWorld, so it is likely you will be there all day. Food isn’t allowed into the park (few exceptions) , but if you don’t want to buy food in the park, lunch time back at the car is the perfect mid-day break! If you do eat at the park they have plenty of delicious options!

2.) Nap Time –  Take in a stroller for a nap! If nap time is during a show, they have convenient benches for parents to sit with strollers! If it isn’t during a show, I recommend watching the whales during nap time.

3.) Familiarize – look at the map before the day starts and plan your day out. It will go much smoother if you know where you are going!

4.) Photo opportunities – Whether you take advantage of their photographers, or use your own camera – take plenty of photos to remember the day. Bonus if you have a waterproof camera!

5.) Toddler Zone – There is an area with rides, slides, and a splash park for toddler time. After sitting for the shows, it’s great to allow them time to run around!

6.) Dress appropriately – I love putting the boys in SwimZip. It is perfect for getting splashed and protecting them from the sun!!

7.) Get to the shows early – They always have some pre-show entertainment and you will ensure you get the seats you want!

8.) Show times – Make sure you know what time the show you want to go to starts! Give yourself enough time to walk to the stadium, it is a big park!!

9.) Bathroom Breaks – make sure to stop at the restroom before each show starts!

10.) Have fun!! Seaworld is full of fun things to do. Relax and enjoy your time there !!


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