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I’m Ashley, boy mom to Beckett and Graydon. I’m a follower of Jesus, wife, traveler, reader, coffee drinker and wannabe photographer. I have been blogging since 2014 on all things motherhood. The name Mommy on the Mound, came from our 5 years spent in the Minor Leagues with the NY Mets and Minnesota Twins. Baseball is still a large part of our life, and I love sharing about our experience in the Minor Leagues. 

Greg and I have dated since high school and got married in November of 2012. We had our first son in March of 2014 (on Saint Patricks Day), and right in the middle of Spring Training. Greg flew home on the day baby G was born, he watched the birth on facetime. You can read my full birth story here

We had our second son in August 2016, and Greg was beyond happy to actually be there for his birth. You can read my full birth story here

Before becoming a mom I was a special education teacher. I worked with children with various disabilities including down syndrome and autism. These kids taught me so much about life and true happiness. 

In our family, our faith comes first. God has blessed us so much, and has helped us through so many struggles and challenges. 

My husband spent the past 5 years playing baseball in the NY Mets and Minnesota Twins organization’s. Traveling for baseball came with a lot of challenges, especially with a family, but we also learned a lot and met a lot of amazing people. I can’t tell you how much the SISsterhood of baseball wives helped me survive those years. I am so thankful to have those lifetime connections. I love sharing about our experience during those years. 

We now permenantly reside in the PNW, where I spend my time at home with our boys, and blogging during nap time. My husband is still connected with baseball coaching, giving lessons, and running clinics. 

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