|| My Birth Story (written when Graydon was 2 weeks old) ||

When people tell you, you don’t understand unless you are a parent…. it is so true. I never knew I could love someone like I love this little guy. He is already two weeks old and time is already going by so quickly. We have truly been blessed with how wonderful everything has turned out. God is good. 
Birth Story….
Sunday, March 16th, it went by quick and it was a bit of a blur. I woke up ready to CLEAN, I cleaned the house, my mom came over and helped clean some more, and we even gave my dog a bath. I took him on two walks that day. I went to Costco and a couple other stores. I don’t think I sat down that day.  That night I went to my parents for dinner, and left a little early not feeling too great. I believe this is called “nesting”. 
7 PM Sunday night:
That night I started feeling some minor cramping, but really thought nothing of it. Everyone had been telling me that he would be late, and that first babies are almost always late. A little bit later and I was  still feeling uncomfortable, so I started looking up what early labor feels like. My thoughts were, I could be in early labor, but it’s probably just my body preparing for labor. 
11 PM Sunday night:
I knew what I was having contractions, whether or not I was in labor, I had no idea. At around midnight the contractions were about seven minutes apart. It was then I realized…. I was not going to make it into work that next day. Baby here or not, those contractions were painful.  That is when I decided to call the advice nurse. She asked me if I could talk through them… yes, and asked me if I could walk through them…. yes. Well I have a high pain tolerance, so I am convinced that most people wouldn’t be able to walk or talk through those. She then went on to tell me that it is best to labor at home until you are having contractions 2-3 minutes apart. Since Greg was in Florida with nine hours of traveling to get here, I asked her if there was a chance I would be going into labor. She said some people have contractions seven minutes apart for a couple of hours and then they go away. It was then I decided to text Greg and let him know I was feeling contractions, but not to worry (of course he worried). I also text my mom to by ready just in case. 
2:00 AM
I was still having contractions 5-7 minutes apart. I was in extreme pain with each one, and needed to do something. I text my mom asking her for a heating pack…. and I am not one that would want to bother someone at two in the morning. Since our microwave isn’t working, I had my dad come pick me up so I could use their microwave for the heating pack. He picked me up and I packed the car with the car seat and hospital bags. I used the heating pack for ten minutes, and the contraction were now coming three minutes apart. I then called the advice nurse again, and we were on our way to the hospital at about three in the morning going on zero sleep for the night. I called Greg on our way to the hospital. He wanted to book a flight, but I told him to wait until the nurse checked on me. It was a long painful drive out to Clackamus (35 minutes)  followed by a long walk into the hospital. 
3:30 AM
We got to the hospital, and I waited in a normal room with a wrap around my belly timing my contractions for around 30 minutes. When the midwife finally came to check on me, I was 5 CM dilated. She said I was having the baby today and shortly after Greg booked a flight home. The timing  was great since Greg had an off day on the 19th of March. After Midwife checked me, I went into the Labor and Delivery room with the soaking tub. I got into the tub and spent the next few hours in there. For those three hours I vaguely remember signing papers, talking to the anesthesiologist, and mostly being in pain for a good minute at a time every few minutes. I was also exhausted going through labor – which is described as running a marathon, followed by extreme weight lifting, and I was doing this without any sleep, after a very full day. Being that exhausted, I was falling asleep for a couple minutes at a time in between contractions. My mom had to hold my head up every time. 
7:00 AM (maybe a little earlier)
Those contractions were still as strong as ever and getting stronger. I was breathing through each one and surviving with the support of my mom and the awesome nurse that was there through it all. At about this time Greg was able to face time with us while he was at the airport. At this time the nurse started telling me to NOT push and to focus on breathing. After a couple of contractions of trying not to push I told her I needed to push. She then went to get the midwife. When she checked me again I was 9 CM dilated! Throughout this time Greg was on FaceTime at the airport. Thankfully he found an area to charge his phone and where there weren’t other people around. At about 7:35 AM here at 11:35 AM in FL, Greg was about to board his flight. He asked if he should re-schedule the flight if the baby was coming soon. The midwife said it would be about another 20-30 minutes. We told him to get on the plane, and I think Greg wanted to wait and get on a different flight anyways. When I heard another 20-30 minutes I couldn’t believe it…. I was not ready for that. My mom hung up with Greg, and I pushed one more time, and felt him coming out. The midwife then said call him back he is coming now. Graydon was then born at 7:39 AM …. right before Greg was boarding his plane. He may not have been here, but we are so thankful that he got to see Graydon right away. Soon as he came out he was handed to me and I was able to hold him and nurse him right away. An hour later they came in to weight, measure, and bathe him. He never left my side the entire time in the hospital, he came out as healthy as can be, very alert and was a champ nursing. 
My low-intervention birth….
Going through labor and delivery without interventions… no epi….no pitocin…. no medications…. nothing…. was challenging, scary, and painful, but I would not have changed a thing. It was an amazing experience, I knew my body could do it, and everything went incredibly perfect. The first couple of days I would have told you I want to wait a long time before going through that again, but the joy of having this little miracle is so worth it. I would do it again in a heart beat. 
6:30 PM
Greg finally arrived at the hospital to meet his son! That night in the hospital was such a great experience. We were on cloud nine… running on no sleep, and wouldn’t have had it any other way. Greg did hold him and rock him for three hours letting me get some sleep. Greg was able to stay for a few days, and those days were THE BEST. It is so hard not having him here, and I cannot wait for us to be with him again. Graydon deserves getting to be around such an amazing, incredible, loving father. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better husband and father to my child.

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