|| Líllé Love Letters ||

Coming into this world, I was the first to hold you, against my chest. The cries of a new life, and the comfort of a mothers love. An unexplainable love, a love that brings tears to my eyes. A moment to remember for the rest of my life.

The unconsolable cry of a newborn, eased by the closeness to his mother. The overwhelming feelings of this world, calmed by a kiss on the cheek. The fear of strangers passing by, erased by the sound of my heartbeat. Your restless little body, calmed by a simple cuddle.
Every time I pick you up and place you against my chest, wrapped in Lillelove, a feeling of contentment surrounds me. Being your feeling of security gives me so much joy. I know it’s not something I’ll have for very long, but it’s a memory I’ll keep forever.
I am thrilled to be a part of the Líllé Love Letters. For the next six months I will be writing a monthly love letter to Graydon about our adventures and life with our Líllébaby. The first month’s theme is LOVE, so stay tuned and follow along this journey. 

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