Celebrating A Year Of

On March 17 we celebrated Graydon’s first birthday! Granite we were in Florida and away from our families, it was still awesome.

His cake smash went exactly how I wanted it to. Now I can’t get this kid to stay still for one photo, but with a cake in front of him and all eyes on him, he was such a ham! He sat there smiling, slowly playing with his cake. A little later decided to stand up and take some bites. Following the grand finale of cake all over his face. 

He got some toy animals and a book from his friends and we got him a Thomas the Train ball. Since we have to travel home, we will save bigger gifts for later!

Turning one is a big deal. You celebrate your first year of life, and the incredible amount of growth. I don’t know how that little 6 lb 12 oz squish turned into my 25 lb ball throwing, wild child little boy! Just about walking, curious as ever, and happy as can be, this boy is everything I could ever want in a son! He has brought so much joy into our lives. 

We also get to celebrate a year of nursing. My goal was 6 months, and we made it to 1 year going strong! It’s been an incredible experience helping nourish him and being able to bond with him. We celebrate becoming parents. Greg and I have grown and changed in so many ways through this year. We’ve also had more fun than we ever imagined possible with this little guy. 

We celebrate the little things, like his first roll at three months. Starting to crawl at 7 months, and his first steps at 11 months. His first Halloween dressed as Harry Potter. His first Christmas, celebrating Jesus. His First teeth. His first haircut, just a little bag trim and so much more! The first year is such a special year, full of memories, laughs, and good times.

God blessed us with Graydon, an amazing first year, and an amazing family. A big thanks to everyone that’s been a part of such an incredible year. 

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  1. Barnababy1 says:

    Happy 1st Birthday Graydon! He is so adorable and what an amazing first year you have all had! Can't wait to meet all of you when Greg finally makes it to Rochester with the Red Wings. We have season tickets on 3rd base and there is a little group of us there known as the 3rd Base Fan Club…. my daughter and I go to EVERY game each season and she bakes cookies for the players (and families if we know where you are sitting) so be sure to let us know your favorites!! I'm looking forward to seeing more pics of Grayson as he continues to grow! You truly are Blessed….
    Love, Mary Ann Atzrott

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