|| The Season Begins ||

Four games down, 146 left to go. That’s 150 baseball games in about five and a half months. Each month is filled with at least three road trips, spending half the time on the road and a whopping two off days a month. We are lucky if those off days aren’t days for travel either. Welcome to the minor leagues!

Greg is in Chattanooga to start the year, this is the double a affiliate of the Minnesota Twins. He will play teams in Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. If I come home with a southern accent, you’ll know why. I better  get used to sweet tea and country music.


This isn’t our ideal situation, but it’s God’s plan. He is in control. Greg is blessed with a job and the ability for us to be with him. 
Graydon and I are home for a bit, and will shortly be back with Greg. I am searching for an affordable, non red-eye flight with one short layover, and during a home stand. This is surprisingly difficult to find.
Our house here in the PNW is rented out, and it looks like we finally have a place in Tennessee. I’m looking forward to getting settled, and getting our family back together.
If you have any suggestions of things to do near chattanooga, we’ve never been! I’m looking forward to exploring Tennessee!

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