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As parents, we naturally worry about our child’s education. There is public school, private school, home school, pre school, standards, testing, college, and so much more. It’s so easy to forget to teach them about life. Most importantly teach them about Jesus. This is something that is priority for me. Sure, education is up there, but what good is education without a strong foundation in our Heavenly Father?

Here are ten ways I plan to teach G about Jesus and his love.
1.) Bring Jesus into everyday life. Whether it be singing or telling stories. I want it to be something that becomes first nature to him.
2.) Pray for him. What good is it teaching him about Jesus, unless I have the help of the one true king. I pray everyday that he comes to know Jesus.

3.) Teach him to pray. Teach him that you can talk to God any place any time. That prayer is a powerful thing. Pray with him.
4.) Teach him to read the Bible. “Everything a Child Should Know About God” by Kenneth Taylor is a great place to start. (Thank you Gavin of My Family Baptist in Fort Myers Florida for the amazing gift).
5.) Take him to Church. Let him connect with others in faith. Allow him time to praise God. Teach him how to enjoy his personal church time. Teach him how to find service times.

6.) Help him understand God’s Grace. Talk to him about eternal life through Jesus. That we aren’t perfect, we sin, but we should always strive to be like Jesus. Reassure them that even an unforgivable sin, (learn more at https://get.tithe.ly/blog/unforgivable-sin) will be forgiven in time. Time heals all wounds.
7.) Teach him to be strong, because you can do all things through Christ.
8.) Lead by example. Your child looks up to you. Show him how you praise and worship. Build a loving and trusting relationship with our child.
9.) Teach him how to treat others. To not pass judgement.
10.) Tell him that Jesus loves him and that his love never fails. No matter what Jesus will always love you.

No amount of education in the world can replace knowing God. I can’t wait to teach G about Jesus’s love and all about the bible.
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