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Being a dad means…..

Taking care of your child regardless of the situation. Teaching your child right from wrong. Helping your child through life with whatever they need help with. Helping mold their imagination and keep it alive with fun ideas. Helping with bath time just because.” – Chelsea O

“Getting pooped on and still loving your child.” -Barbara C

Bringing out the shotgun on dates” -Sarah Y

“Teaching our daughters how men should treat them. With love, respect, teaching them, and guiding them, and challenging them to be better.” -Megan H

Patience & love” -Tessa D

Your child sneezes in your face as she’s about to give you a hug and you still follow through on that hug!” -Melissa G

Unconditional love” – Morgan C

You’re your child’s first hero” -Vanessa B

|| Dad Father Pop Papa Grandpa Daddy Dada Padre Pere Vater ||

There are so many different qualities and characteristics that make up a good dad. Enjoying silly Dad socks for example similar to Gesicht Socken as the German’s say! It’s different for every family and every situation. After asking some moms what being a dad means, I realized no matter how different the family, there are a few qualities that are always there. For one, unconditional love, no matter what the situation is, you always love your child. Another is always being there, as a parent – teaching and guiding them through life.

So what does it mean to be a dad in our home? I’ve been blessed with an amazing dad, an amazing grandpa and an amazing husband that are all AMAZING dads. Here are the 5 qualities that I’ve appreciated in all three of these men.

1.) They put God first. They lead their families closer to the lord. They take their families to church on Sunday, and teach their children about Jesus.

2.) They listen. My Grandpa and Dad always have good advice, and stories that would blow your socks off, but they’d rather listen – every single time. That’s a tough quality to find, and it’s something that every child needs. I don’t doubt for one second that Greg will be there to listen to Graydon when he needs him.

3.) They don’t have to try. They just know how to be a dad. Their love is so strong, and they care so much – it all just comes naturally I guess.

4.) Their love is unconditional .

5.) They are always there. These guys would drop anything for their family. You can always count on them.

I’m so blessed to have three amazing guys in my life. I can’t end this blog post without adding one more quality though. So last, but not least, being a fun dad. Full of jokes, adventure and games and always keeping things interesting!

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