Father’s Day and a Break + Surprise

Baseball starts in March, you get one glorious unpaid month of Spring Training. The season starts in April and they play until September or October. There are a couple off days every month, but most of them are travel days, or the day after a seven hour, overnight road trip.

There is one exception though, this thing they call the all-star break. You’re talented, lucky, and have great things going for you if you make it, but it’s also pretty glorious if you don’t make it. See, the all-star game is a three day event, which means if you aren’t on the team, you get three days off. Three days to get out of town, to spend with family, forget about baseball, regroup, and do whatever you want!

So, today we celebrate Father’s day (Father’s Day Blog Post: http://mommyonthemound.blogspot.com/2015/06/dad-father-pop-papa-grandpa-daddy-dada.html) , and we get three days away from baseball. After the game, we are heading to Knoxville, and tomorrow we will make our way to Gatlinburg. We plan to see the Great Smokies National Park, go to Dollywood, a possible dinner show, and relax!

Stay tuned to hear more about our all star break trip!

I wrote this blog post today, not realizing that Greg has been promoted to Triple A!
So instead of an all star break, we will be heading north. We hope to visit Gatlinburg in the future, but we will be having an all star break in July instead! You can imagine the bitter sweet emotions of the news. A wonderful promotion and opportunity, but missing out on Father’s Day together, and a family getaway we were excited for! 
Greg will be spending his Father’s Day flying four hours, watching the game, and then 5 hours on a bus. The minor leagues are full of the strangest surprises.

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3 Responses

  1. Kristina says:

    That's amazing!!! Way to go, Greg!! So proud of you. Sorry about your trip being postponed but glad to hear things are moving forward for you guys 🙂

  2. BRENDA VANCE says:

    How exciting! We could not be more excited for you both! Your grandpa watches the games on his computer most days/evenings and tells me how amazingly well Greg is doing!
    I know it's disappointing you won't have your special time together as planned…it's called an interruption! Get ready Ashley…lots of those will come in your life time. It's how you accept them and how you handle them that tells what you're made of. What an AMAZING wife YOU are…INCREDIBLY amazing SWEET GIRL! I love you! Give G LOVE and hugs from us too.

  3. Mary Ann says:

    Congratulations on Greg's promotion!! I spotted him today in the dugout and was so happy to have him on our team finally!!! My daughter and I are at every Red Wings home game and can't wait to see him take the mound!! Welcome to Rochester! 🙂

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