Sun Safety

Staying away from tanning beds, and minimizing my time in the sun are two ways I started protecting my skin years ago. One baby later and becoming a mom has made protecting my skin so much more important! More importantly, I am very cautious with baby G’s skin. With summer vacations here, it’s not too late to start protecting! Here are some of my favorite toxin free ways to protect my family in the sun!
SwimZip makes super cute and protective swimwear for babies and children. They also have great tips for women.
They make so many different great styles to fit your needs. I love the long sleeve options to make sure his arms are fully covered. I love the zip tops as well. They are so quick and easy to get on and off!
Their suits are all UPF 50+ and made with the highest quality fabric! When it comes to protecting your little one, quality is so important! I look at it like buying a car seat. Spending a little extra for safety is the way to go! While we’re on the subject of cars as well as sun safety, you may want to look into something like QuikSnap for your car windows, an easily snap-on mountable car window sunshade, installing these on the window your child sits by can greatly decrease the amount of sun your child can catch.

Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen:
Blue Lizard makes awesome sunscreen for the whole family. The bottle turns blue to let you know when you may be exposed to harsh rays.
I love that their sunscreen is made with quality and care. The Environmental Working Group ranks the toxicity of almost all of their new sunscreens very low. Their sensitive and baby sunscreens are at a 1 making it safe for most babies older than 6 months.
I really urge you to check your sunscreens rating at
I make sure to put sunscreen on myself and Graydon 30 minutes before we are outside. This means at the beach, on a walk or at baseball games!
Use code P20MOUND for 20% OFF all orders over $35 at Expiration 8/31/15

Lands End:
Lands End makes great UPF clothing for the entire family! Many of their products are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.
They have a great selection of protection for the entire family. They are UPF 50+, great quality and super durable.

Baby comfy
Baby comfy makes a sun poncho and sleeves for protecting baby from the sun. These are super packable products that are great for those times you aren’t prepared. I like to keep a sun poncho in my purse just in case we find ourselves in the sun without sunscreen!

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