Roaming Rochester, Part 1: Seneca Zoo


Our first outing in Rochester was to the Seneca Park Zoo, it’s G’s fourth visit to the zoo, and this is by far my favorite!
Starting with this turtle with a healthier lunch than me….
G was able to see almost all of the animals and most of them were even pretty close up. 
He was big fan of the wolf, who probably was mistaken for a dog.
I enjoyed seeing the polar bear and the elephants.
There are plenty of cool things to see around the park, and great photo opportunities!
^^ he enjoyed petting the Cubs. 😉
G did pretty good posing for photos, but came in second to this guy…
There are plenty of places to sit and rest or eat, as well as a great playground in the shade. There is also an awesome water play area! Bring extra clothes if your kiddos are anything like mine. There was no shot I was going to leave without him splashing a bit!

The zoo begins with a nice shaded drive, plenty of FREE parking, and a great paved walking path to the entrance. There are so many great animals and plenty to learn and see at the Seneca Park Zoo. G loved seeing the animals and playing at the Zoo, he was sure worn out when we got home!
We can’t forget a good Zoo book to take home!


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