Busy Toddler + Long Car Rides + Small Hotel Rooms

All of a sudden traveling becomes a little more interesting. Everything from packing, entertaining, staying organized to having fun. To be honest, it is about time that we invested in a slightly bigger car! If only we could afford to upgrade our current vehicle…

That being said, I was speaking to a friend of mine the other day and she recently bought a new car on finance. Apparently, after researching a few different Car Finance Company options online she managed to find a fantastic and affordable deal and has managed to secure a brand new car at a brilliant price. Have you ever purchased a car on finance? It is definitely something that we are considering as I do not think we can afford to buy a new car outright at the moment!

Anyway, here are some of my road trip packing tips!


My Tokidoki Les Sportsac backpack is my go to for packing family essentials. I keep my makeup, toiletries, extra diapers, wipes and everything I need right away in this backpack. This way, if we get somewhere late, I wont be digging through bags to find things I need right away.
This backpack holds so much stuff, it’s durable and easy to clean. I also love traveling with cute bags like Tokidoki!

Our Free Like Birdie weekender is perfect to pack all of G’s clothes. It lists baby essentials on the inside so I am sure to remember everything. It also has a clean/dirty side to keep everything organized. The bag is adorable, the perfect size for baby or toddler clothes, and keeps everything organized. I also love the vents to keep clothes fresh!

My Lily Jade Diaper bag is a life saver to keep everything else organized. The insert has pockets for everything from sunscreen to lipgloss. I am able to keep everything I could ever need in there. It’s also big enough for my DSLR camera and cloth diapers.

Toddler Essentials:

Lillebaby – If you saw my car you would know, I have no room for a stroller, not even one of those compact travel strollers. If you saw my toddler and my arms, you would know, there is no way I can carry him around all day. The Lillebaby makes it so easy to take him everywhere. It’s also not a bad workout, helps avoid elevators, and a great way to carry babies and toddlers!

Electronics: Lets face it, sometimes a video is the only way to get through a long road trip.

Snacks: We bring a lot of different snacks and even some treats on our trips. A hungry toddler is no fun! We love organic Puffs!

Toys – We have some thrift store trucks, a lot of balls and books. It keeps him entertained in the hotel rooms for hours!

No matter how organized I try to be, and how many tips I try, the hotel room will almost always end up looking like this….

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