|| Checking out Chattanooga: Part 1 Aquarium ||

We have found ourselves back in Chattanooga. It’s a lower level, better schedule, and better city. I’ve shared bits a pieces about this place on the blog before, but I’m excited to continue sharing more. Moving out of the Pacific Northwest is really not even an option for us, we love everything about the PNW, but if I had to, I’d come here and check out how we could do that with a home loan to help us get what we need.

The Aquarium is the first place you need to see when you are here. We spent two hours here a couple of days ago, and we weren’t going slow!

There is so much to see and learn while at this aquarium. The collection of fish and critters they have is amazing!
Being our second time at this aquarium in just a few months, I still enjoyed it just as much.
If you are ever in the area, the Tennessee Aquarium is a must. If you don’t find yourself in the area, plan a trip here, it’s worth it!

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