|| Getaway With Grandma – Knoxville Zoo ||

Greg is off to Jackson TN for a five day road trip, and my mom and I are off for a little three day getaway. We are heading to Gatlinburg. On our way to Gatlinburg we spent a night in Knoxville TN.

For our day in Knoxville we spent some time at the Knoxville Zoo!
You are welcomed into the Knoxville Zoo by a cute little water fall and the even cuter black bears! There are some fun caves for the kids to explore as well.
As we continued along the path, we found two zoo workers with a gecko and some bearded dragons to see up close and even touch. G was pretty excited!
There were plenty of great animals to see. There were elephants, lions, tigers, bears,giraffes, chimps, and much more!

The zoo even has a train, camel rides, and giraffe feedings for an additional charge. We chose not to do any of these, but they sure looked fun!
For warm days there is a splash pad and misters to cool off!
There is so much to see and learn about at the Knoxville Zoo!
A trip to here could easily take an entire day! The kids are sure to have fun and be completely worn out by the end of the day!
We ended our trip by visiting the red pandas.
If you are ever in the Knoxville area, the zoo is a must visit!!

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