|| Getaway With Grandma: Dollywood ||

On our adventures in Tennessee we couldn’t help but spend a day at Dollywood, and I’m oh so glad we did!

We took the 50 cent trolly to the entrance and breezed right through the ticket line. I think G new we were somewhere fun, because he was all sorts of hyper!

There were plenty of great rides for little ones! We road the elephants, ducks, pigs, cars and much more! 

There is a great train ride that takes you into the forest and sound the park. G was about asleep at the end, and the toddler in front of us was fast asleep. If you find your little one in need of a nap while at Dollywood, a train ride is the perfect thing to do.

Our favorite ride was the river battle. Basically you get on a boat and shoot water at people anywhere around this ride, and they shoot back. G could not stop laughing the whole time and we were drenched by the end. For those hot Tennessee summers, this is the perfect ride!

For older kids, there are plenty of awesome roller coasters and rides. I can’t wait to get back to Dollywood to try them all!

Dollywood is a great family friendly park for all ages. With great food, great fun and so much to see. The park is decorated great and each theme really takes you there.
Leaving was no fun. 
I had one tired boy!

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