|| Getaway With Grandma – Great Smokey Mountains ||

Every summer since I can remember, my family has been to at least one national park. This year, my parents have been to a few, but I haven’t been to any! Traveling for baseball is an adventure, but missing my summer in the Northwest is a serious bummer!

During our getaway with grandma, we did get to make a stop at the Great Smokey Mountain National Park. I’m going to be straight with you all and tell you, this park doesn’t even compare to Mount Rainier, Olympic, Yosemite, Glacier, and the other NW national parks. It is however a very pretty park. As a huge park enthusiast I was satisfied, but nothing more. If I was to invest in a national parks puzzle, this probably wouldn’t be the one I would go for.

We made the drive up to Clingmans Lookout and did the short hike to the top.

It was a great view with a lot to see. The flowers were ??gorgeous!

It was a great little hike getting some fresh air and seeing some of gods work. One piece of advice for southerners though, smoking is not recommended while hiking. It would have been nice to breath in some fresh air without the smell of cigarettes.

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