When we Say Goodbye to Baseball

Throughout Greg’s baseball career, we’ve seen guys get released, walk away, continue playing in the minors, and make it to the big leagues. You never know what’s going to happen, and you always hope to be in the right spot in the right time. I’ve seen the sorry looks from people when they hear of releases. So many of them wondering how life goes on without baseball. Although I fully support Greg for as long as he desires to play, when we go home, I’ll be anything but sad. Sure, the major leagues is a dream, some say he is on the doorstep, so close you can smell it. There’s no doubt he has the talent, that’s what got him here. There just comes a time when you see your bills adding up, your paychecks coming in, your family struggling, and you begin to desire consistentsy and stability. 

We haven’t said goodbye yet, but we know the time will come. Being away from each other, and being away from family has become more and more difficult. Midseason moves and even the thought of midseason moves has become more challenging. To anyone reading this, worried about Greg retiring, know that there is no plan. It could come in one year or ten years. We have no idea what God has planned for us. 

It won’t be goodbye forever. Greg has spent too many years, has too much talent, and understands too much to say bye forever. I’m sure we will find ourselves somewhere in the game once again.
When we say goodbye to baseball, there will be things I miss, and things I’ll be so happy to leave behind. 

When we say goodbye to baseball, I’ll miss the “wags”. The friends I made will be forever, but I’ll miss the opportunities of meeting some great people. Sure, they weren’t all great, but I’ve met some the most genuinely awesome people. Girls who will help you out, even though you’ve never met in person. Girls who offer to help when they find out you’ve been moved to another team, yet again. Girls who check up on you mid season, because they know all too well what the minor leagues makes you put up with.

When we say goodbye to baseball, I won’t miss the MiLB paychecks. The paychecks that come late far too often. The paychecks that you use half of to pay “clubby dues”, for meals not even eaten. The paychecks to pay for things you already have back home. The paycheck to pay rent for a place not even half as nice as your house back home. 
When we say goodbye to baseball, I’ll miss the adventures. Six months of traveling, new cities, new states, different hotels and new restaurants. There is never a dull moment. Soon as February hits, we leave home for six months to explore wherever baseball takes us. I always look forward to visiting new places. We enjoy trying new restaurants, and being on the road. Sure, we will still go on adventures, but there is nothing quite like the baseball adventures.

When we say goodbye to baseball, I won’t miss living out of a car. In one month we’ve found ourselves in one unfurnished apartment, to about six different hotels, to a furnished apartment, only to find ourselves back into another unfurnished apartment. Packing up an entire baseball season worth of stuff that many times can make a person go crazy!
When we say goodbye to baseball, I’ll miss the games. I grew up watching baseball, my brother played, and I’ve been watching Greg play for the past nine years – since high school. There is just something about the game, and cheering for those you care about! The championships and the mid season playoff clinches are always exciting. 

I know God has placed us here on purpose. That every challenge, and setback we’ve gone through, is to make us stronger. God won’t, and hasn’t put us through anything we can’t handle. He will always guide us on the correct path and through prayer we will know what is best for our family. 
The past couple of seasons have been the most difficult. Between having a baby, dealing with the most mid season moves and me not working – it’s been a challenge to say the least. There has been plenty of good that has come though. I can’t say I’ll be very sad when the time comes to say goodbye to baseball, but I will say I’m happy God placed us here for the time being. 
I don’t thank God for any success or championships Greg has had here. I do thank him for every opportunity he had to share the word, for any impact he had on lost people. I’ll thank him for putting Greg in a spot to be a leader, to be a positive role model and to share the gospel. I’ll thank Him for the struggles that made us come closer to God. The connections we were able to make with our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

So, when we say goodbye to baseball, we will say goodbye to the good, the bad and hold onto the amazing memories and great friends. I can assure you that we will always stay close to the baseball community, we’ll probably start MLB betting as well as we have rather strong baseball knowledge from Greg playing for so long. It would be ashame to let his knowledge go to waste. I would imagine that we will be watching most of the MLB games on the television as well. 

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  1. Kristina says:

    I missed this post somehow. Thinking of you guys as you are struggling through this season. God will continue to provide and sustain your family. Soon you'll be back home for a reprieve. Praying God gives yall wisdom. Love and hugs!!

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