Getaway With Grandma: Dixie Stampede

The Dixie Stampede is a dinner show. A full meal, with an entertaining show. It’s interactive, exciting and delicious!

I was a little hesitant about going to the Dixie Stampede. Getting G to sit still for anything can be a challenge. We decided to take a chance and hope it was exciting enough for him.

I’m sure glad we decided to go! G absolutely LOVED it. Every time he saw the horses (which is basically the whole show) he waved with both hands, said hi, and was all sorts of happy. 
The show was a lot of fun. It was full of horse riding, story telling, pig racing, and the battle between the north and south. It was funny, educational, and fun to watch. 

The food was delicious! Chicken, pork, potatoes, corn, and apple pie. We had plenty of leftovers!

The Dixie Stampede is definitely a must if you are visiting the Gatlinburg area. We were sure glad we went!

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