And We’re Off: #PVRoadTrip15

Our Buick is packed up. It’s full of bags, memories, and stuff we’ve been lugging around for the past 6 months. All of it packed in one car.
So, we begin our Peavey Adventure Road Trip. This time we took the car, but sometimes that isn’t possible, luckily there are companies like Cars Relo who can help transport our car in case we have to go even further! You can click here to know a bit more about it if you are planning on making the move.

Travel: Tennessee-Washington
Hours: 40+

So, let’s talk about snacks. Seriously, it’s key to our sanity and survival on the road.

Krave Jerkey, we have mad #jerkeylove for Krave, and I’m a big fan of their Turkey Jerky. It’s the perfect protein packed road trip snack!
Hint water: drink water, not sugar. We are staying nice and hydrated, with a hint of flavor, nothing else!
Quest Nutrition for protein packed energy to keep us going.
GoMacro Macrobars are the perfect all natural, organic breakfast on the go. They are also delicious, packed with protein and toddler approved! 100% vegan, USDA certified organic, certified non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and made from mostly raw ingredients. You can get 40% off your first order by entering the code “blogger” at checkout!
Tasty Brand snacks are exactly what you’d expect – tasty. No road trip is complete without yummy sweets and goodies. The good thing about these; they are all organic! So we won’t feel as guilty indulging. YUM! “All of the fun, none of the junk!”
Toddler Essentials
We have our toddler in his Diono, an iPad loaded with Mickey Mouse and Thomas The Train, books, and plenty of toys to entertain.
40 hours on the road with a toddler isn’t the easiest thing to do. We are making sure we are prepared as possible on the road!
Diapers and Wipes:
Bambo Nature Diapers, because on a long road trip, we need disposables for ease, breathable, chemical free and soft for comfort and quality/leak free for a long period of time in the car.
Neat Cheeks, because, well how else am I going to keep his face clean? Sweetened with stevia it is a no fuss, simple way to get his face nice and clean.
Our Lillebaby baby carrier, we have no room for a stroller, nor do I have interest hauling one around. The carrier is compact, easy to use, and so comfortable. I’ll be able to use it on all our stops and hikes. Plus I have the airflow to keep us cool! A lillebaby is a must for traveling with a toddler or baby!
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Last, but not least, is my diaper bag. My Lily Jade holds all of my toddler essentials and snacks, and keeps it all organized. It looks like a beautiful bag, and organizes like an awesome diaper bag. It’s the ultimate bag for traveling! It’s loaded with Blue Lizard Sunscreen and Little Duck Organics!

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