Tennessee-Texas-New Mexico #pvroadtrip2015

Tuesday morning we woke up with the intent of driving about 7 hours. We got on the road with zero expectations of how G would do. So we started our trip and made it five hours without stopping. We were all surprised on how well he was doing.


We got to Memphis and ate at Alcenias. We had fried chicken and sweet potato cobbler. It was nothing short of amazing. The food was full of flavor and cooked perfectly.
After we ate, we made our way to the huge Bass Pro Shop down the road. We let G run around and have some fun for a bit there.

We got on the road again and planned to make it two more hours to Little Rock. Well we got there, and little man was asleep.

So we took the opportunity and kept driving, and driving, and driving. While snacking on our Tasty Brand Oreos and staying hydrated with Hint Water. Driving so far we made it a twelve hour drive to Dallas with one stop. We stayed two nights in Dallas with family.
We ate at Whataburger and Hula Hut and spent some great time with family. It was nice to relax after all that driving!
The next day we got on the road and drove eight hours to New Mexico.
After driving through a storm and grabbing a blanket at Walmart, we made it to a little cabin at a RV/Camping park in Carlsbad!

We had some fun adventures in New Mexico, so stay tuned for updates!

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