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Disclaimer: We received products at a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

A few weeks ago Graydon woke up in the middle of the night, crying, screaming and clearly in pain.  I was sure it was from teething. He’s been continuously uncomfortable, rubbing his eyes and nose. 
A few days later I ran into a lady who had two kids wearing adorable Amber and hazelwood necklaces. She quickly explained the benefits. I’d heard of Amber for teething, but hazel was new to me. 

I researched and came across Hazelaid, and was so excited to try it! They have the perfect necklace mixed with hazelwood and Amber for ultimate healing! Pictured is the one we purchased. 
Amber: “When worn on the skin, body heat causes the amber to release an oil containing succinic acid, which when absorbed into the skin, works like a natural Ibuprofen, blocking pain and reducing inflammation.”
Hazelwood: “Hazelwood appears to work by creating a more alkaline environment in your body through direct contact with your skin, which may help to prevent and remedy many of the symptoms caused by acidosis (being too acidic) and by reducing free-radicals by having a high antioxidant effect through your pores.* It is believed that the wood absorbs excess acidity from your body until a balanced PH is reached.”

I had tried Amber before, and although I was a bit skeptical, I’m sure it was working. I hardly noticed any teething pain in G until he stopped wearing Amber. 

After a few weeks of wearing the Hazelwood and Amber, I’m shocked at the improved sleep and overall happiness in G.

I have noticed a decrease in drooling, he hasn’t been rubbing his eyes or mouth and he was been less cranky. 

I highly recommend checking out the Hazelaid website. The information they have on Hazelwood and Amber is so helpful and thorough! 

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6 Responses

  1. Kim Call says:

    We use an amber necklace for teething. And if bad enough at night resort to ibuprofen, though since starting the necklace we haven't had too!

  2. Sarah Hayes says:

    I love having teething oil on hand for a fussy baby

  3. GingerG says:

    We also use homeopathic teething medicine if needed!

  4. We used an amber teething necklace for my daughter in the past, it worked great.

  5. We used an amber teething necklace for my daughter in the past, it worked great.

  6. PolyArt says:

    We have bought one Baltic Amber necklace for our son and one for our daughter. It worked both times. The kids were relaxed, slept well and didn’t feel the aches. I highly recommend it!

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