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The last few days of #PVroadtrip2015:

This far into our road trip, we were getting antsy to get home. We still had a lot of driving and things to see though. We started out with a night in Phoenix, followed by a night in Flagstaff. In Flagstaff we had an amazing dinner at Salsa Brava and went on a neat hike at Walnut Canyon National Monument.

The next day we drove to Page AZ and did a short hike to Horshoe Bend.

Our last adventure before our stretch home was at Zion National Park.

Zion is one of my favorite parks. Since we had a toddler and not much time, we drove through the park and did a short walk. If we had more time to spend in Utah, I would have loved to have gone on one of the amazing antelope canyon tours. A friend if ours is a keen hiker and he recommended it to us. We love outdoor adventures, so if ever we come back to Utah I would definitely consider it!

Afterwards we went to our favorite little stop in Virgin Utah to get some Cactus Navajo Taco! It’s such a cute stop and you can even feed the animals outside.

We were then headed on the road with about 14 hours of driving left. We drove a few hours and stayed in Scipio Utah. We were trying to make it to Salt Lake that night, but with a toddler, we had to plan on the go. He was ready to get out of the car and into a bed!

The next day we drove to Boise and got to visit with my grandparents. It was a beautiful evening and Graydon had a blast!

The next morning we woke up and drove the last seven hours home.

All in all we drove about 50 hours. Graydon did so well and we had a blast. It was amazing seeing so much of the country and being able to do so much as a family.
Sure some days were longer than others, but it was a great adventure.
It sure has been nice to be home in the PNW with family!

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