Toddler sleep: Part 1/3

Co-sleeping has been a huge part of our lives as parents. When we tell people, we usually get strange looks and a lot of questions. 

I believe parenting should be life changing. I believe parenting should come before your chosen career. I believe in being 100% invested in your child while they are little. Many of my parenting choices come from research, some comes from passed down advise and a lot comes from my instincts. I feel as though most of the time, what I feel is right for my son, really is what’s best for him.
How did we decide to co-sleep? 
We didn’t, really it just happened. I had a Rock & Play when he was a newborn and I was prepared with a crib. When I brought G home, it wasn’t what I felt was best. He was colicky, and being near me and nursing was where he was most comfortable. This meant keeping him in my bed most of the night.
Are you worried about spoiling him?
I think a big joke around the attachment parenting world is telling everyone you’re planning on nursing/breastfeeding until they are in college. The fact is, there is research behind self weaning, which I believe is similar to co-sleeping. There will come a day when G won’t want to snuggle with me, and I’m sure it will come sooner than I wish. For now I’ll take the snuggles. 
Do you ever get to sleep alone?
The idea of a baby or toddler kicking and pushing you through the night isn’t always appealing. Trust me, some nights I want to just be alone. We normally start G out in his own bed. He will then join us anywhere from 12-3 and stay with us until morning. Some nights I have to remind myself how temporary this stage is.
The fact is, this is what works for us. I’m not saying it’s the best way or the right way, it’s just our way! Even if I help empower one mama, this post was worth it. Every post I read, sharing and encouraging me, that what I was doing was right, gave me so much more confidence as a mom. So for any other co-sleeping moms, who occasionally feel like they are doing something wrong, there are a whole bunch of us out there who just like you choose not to cry it out. 
Stay tuned for part 2. I’ll be sharing some sleeping tips, including the sound machine we use, overnight diapers and our DockAtot!

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