Mommycon Seattle 2015

Disclaimer: I received items in this post in exchange for reviews/features. All opinions are my own!
Our MommyCon trip was made complete with our Lillebaby carrier, Jujube bag and kangacare diaper – Tokidoki style. 

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I attended Mommycon Seattle 2015 for my first time over the weekend as a Mommycon blogger. I learned a lot, and can’t wait to go back! So here is what I loved, didn’t love, and learned.


1.) Chatting with venders. You can go to all the classes, but ultimately the venders give you a 1:1 rundown of their product. You get samples to test things out and information to take home.
2.) Sleep consultation: most of these classes are VIP (prior registration and extra charge). If you’re little one struggles with sleep, I’d recommend the splurge. There was one 45 Min session for anyone to attend and I learned so much. I was even able to ask a question and get advise from her personally.  This was probably the most useful part of the day for me.
3.) The babywearing area. You can try on almost any type of carrier you can think of. Of course, I already know and love the Lillebaby, but for moms looking for what works for them, this is a great option!
^ You might have the best carrier ever if your toddler can take an almost 2 hour nap in it at Mommycon! Thanks Lillebaby! 

3.)  The swag bag and media swag bag. There were so many good samples, products and coupons in these bags. I received the media bag as a Mommycon blogger and my husband received the general admission bag. Both were filled with goodies.

^ That Olie Baby Minky hat is definitely a favorite from the Media Bag! How cute is that Dino gloves/hat/scarf all in one hat?!
4.) Hearing from The Baby Guy, The Leaky Boob, and Potty Schmotty. I was able to learn a lot from each session. I also enjoyed listening to questions being answered. They are all so knowledgable, but most importantly they make you feel like your a good parent. They give advise, but they always encourage to do what is best for your family.

1.) That I’m so unlucky! Okay, I’m being selfish here, but seriously there are some AWESOME giveaways at the end, and we didn’t win anything.
2.) The traffic out of Seattle. SO BAD
1.) Cell Phone (and other electronic) lights stop the production of melatonin. Even checking the time on your phone will stop it! 
2.) Turning off WiFi at night could improve sleep.
3.) When attending Mommycon stay at the hotel where it is being held if possible. Although The Five was a great hotel and we enjoyed our stay, nap time and breaks would have been much easier at the Motif.
4.) You don’t need to take the infant car seat base if it has a European belt path. This is awesome for traveling mamas!
5.) Don’t leave early. You might win something (even though we didn’t)
Mommycon is a great event and community. It’s a place for moms, dads, soon to be moms, and parents of all kinds. You learn to parent the way that works for you. Nothing forced, no criticism, no one telling you you are wrong. Just a lot of information and tips from some of the most knowledgeable people and parents out there! Check the cities and dates for 2016 and pre order tickets to get the best deal! Seriously, it’s worth it!! 
Stay tuned for my next Mommycon post. I’ll be sharing all about our favorite Mommycon products!

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