Praying for Baby #2

Join me on my journey as I grow baby number 2! I am so excited to share that I have some fun blog posts and giveaways planned!
Our little family began when Greg and I got married in November 2012. We found out we were expecting a little less than a year later. Our family grew by two feet on March 17, 2014, a day I will never forget! Since then our lives have changed for the better. God has sure blessed us. G was a colicky baby and he’s grown into an anti-sleeping toddler. The lack of sleep has made me question whether or not I could handle two, obviously no lack of sleep could make me not want another baby! Plus, knowing that God plays a huge roll in this all, that always helps my confidence.
Shortly after G turned 1, we knew we were ready for baby number 2. God had other plans though. I was still (still am)  nursing G, but because of the nursing, my body was not ready for another baby.

I can’t complain though. Just about eight months after G’s first birthday (beginning of December) we found out we were expecting baby number two!

God definitely had a roll in this for multiple reasons. First of all, in November I got Ecoli from eating at Chipotle. Imagining going through that, while be pregnant is a nightmare. Thankfully I didn’t get pregnant for another couple of weeks. Secondly, I find so much joy in giving G all of my attention, and I’m glad he will get it for a little longer. Finally, I think their age gap will be just perfect! To think of where G is right now, and how much he is going to grow before August is just amazing. I know he is going to be an amazing big brother!

With baby number two comes all sorts of worries, financially, emotionally, physically (as a mom), but again, just knowing God never fails, I have no fear. More than the fears, comes the excitement. Another baby to love, a sibling for G, watching them grow up together, and of course another grandbaby for the grandparents!

So a pregnancy update: I am just about 14 weeks pregnant. I have been nauseous and exhausted for the past couple of months. Knowing what my body is going through and the amazing things it has been doing definitely helps, but I am so excited for these first trimester pains to end!

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  1. Mel Holmer says:

    Congrats chica!! so happy for you and your little family. love reading your updates.

  2. That means a lot girl! Thank you ❤️❤️

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