Second Tri & Morning Sickness Cures |Featuring Lumber Gypsy |

I’ve made it to the 14th week, and that means to the second trimester! Morning sickness has definitely gotten better, although I still have the occasional nausea, otherwise I’ve been feeling great.

For those days I wake up nauseous, I’m prepared with Earth Mama Morning Wellness Tea,  Earth Mama Spray, Preggie Pop Drops, and Ginger Candy.

The weather has been nice here, which means I’ve even been getting in some exercise. I’d like to stay fit throughout my pregnancy, which for me means a lot of walking and hiking. 

Preparing for my second birth, I feel a lot more confident. I didn’t take any classes with my first, so I really went in blind. Although my labor and delivery was fairly short and a great experience, I really didn’t feel like I knew what to do or what to expect.
They say giving birth is like a marathon, and it sort of is, it’s exhausting. My thought is, being in shape can only make it easier. 
So my second trimester goals include walking every day, eating healthy, and staying active throughout the day. My energy levels are back and I’m excited to finally feel like myself again.
What advice would you give a mom going into labor and preparing for birth? What pregnancy goals did you have? Did you feel your second pregnancy and labor was easier than your first?
Shirt: Lumber Gypsy 

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