Greg and I met in high school. We both went to different high schools, but had similar groups of friends, and I was in the process of transferring to his school.
It was my junior year and his senior year, we were somehow friends on MySpace (yes MySpace) and had recently commented on each other’s pages. The next thing you know I was at his basketball game and we chatted for a bit afterwards. 
The next day he came to pick me up to take me on our very first date, to the Vancouver Mall in his 1986 Corolla (that we still have [insert laughing emoji]) 
A week later I was on a family trip to Mexico and my main priority was finding some internet to chat with him online…Oh young love. Needless to say, we were dating shortly after. Little did I know, I would basically be dating, and then marrying the baseball lifestyle later on.
Our first Valentine’s Day was at a Mongolian Grill, and then it was full on baseball season. Apparently he was good at this sport, and he was going to be drafted that year. So I supported him, went to his games, cheered him on, and watched him get drafted that year.  (Some would say I was just a distraction) 
He didn’t sign, but went on to play summer ball in Corvallis, followed by attending and playing ball at Oregon State. This means after six short months of two high school kids dating, we somehow made the rest of our relationship work through long distance up until last year. When I say somehow, I know it was 100% God, doing what he does, and always leading us back to one another. 
We made it work through three years of long distance while he was in college. I stayed home and got my teaching degree at a private college in my hometown. We then made it work through a couple of years of him playing pro ball. He played in Georgia, Florida and New York while we were dating/ engaged. I was able to visit, but there were many late nights on the phone. I was in Washington, so it was a three hour time distance and a cross country flight. 
When we finally got married in 2012, I was teaching and we still did the long distance thing while he played in New York and Las Vegas. Last year was the first year I traveled with him, and this year he is home. We’ve been together for almost ten years, going on our fourth year of marriage, about to have two kiddos running around, survived eight years of distance, and head over heels in love. 
We certainly could not have made it work without God. He guided us through so many struggles and helped us find who we were, who we are today, as a couple. Having him as our foundation has certainly made us the strongest we could possibly be. I am so blessed to have found such an understanding, loving, amazing husband and father who continues to seek the lord. 
How did you and your special one meet?? I would love to hear your story! 

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