MommyCon Seattle + Giveaway

MommyCon is an amazing event connecting parents with other like-minded parents, brands, and knowledge!

One of my favorite parts of MommyCon is seeing, learning and getting to know about a variety of products.

I had a blast at MommyCon Seattle in 2015, and I am so excited to be there again this year. The schedule looks amazing!


Cloth Diapering: At the cloth diapering station, you can learn all about cloth diapering. There are so many great brands, and you can learn and get to know which ones may work best for you! You get to know each product hands on and special features each diaper may have. Plus, you can learn about things like (what do you do with th poop???)…. SPRAY PAL! (Of course) 
Baby Wearing: Wraps, SCC, sling, what in the world is the difference between all, and what one should I get?? Well at MommyCon you get to test them all and get fit help from some amazing ladies! Looking for something cute, versatile, easy to use, doesn’t require an infant insert, and holds toddlers up to 45 lbs??? I say, go with LILLEbaby! Still not sure? Go try them all on for yourself.


Feeding: Check out some awesome products for feeding toddlers. There are some amazing suction cup bottom plates, cool scissors for cutting food, and some great utensils! You can’t forget about breastfeeding at MommyCon. Learn about pumps, bottles, nipple creams, and so much more!
Classes: There is so much to learn and so much fun to be had at each session. There are classes for every parent, everything from cloth diapering to car seat safety! Check out the schedule to choose which will most benefit you!
VIP: If you’re really feeling it, checkout the amazing VIP sessions. You learn so much during these sessions lead by some Amazon people!

I’ll be at MommyCon Seattle in April, but there are a lot of other options/locations in the future as well!

Use Code mommyonthemound16 for a discount!

I’m also so excited to be able to be hosting a giveaway. I will be giving away two tickets to MommyCon Seattle!


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