That’s correct, God is always good, and he is blessing us with another BOY!
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In all honesty, we had our mind set that  baby was going to be a girl. We weren’t hoping or leaning one way or another, but we just felt like it would be a girl. Besides the adorable spring and summer girl clothes that have been coming out, I was hoping for a boy!
So here are 10 reasons why I am beyond excited to be having another BOY:
1.) Graydon and his brother will be best friends. How cool is it that this baby will have a big brother to look up to and be best friends with. There is something about a brothers bond that can’t be beat!

2.) Um, HELLO… #BoyMom –  Boys love their mamas & I get TWO of them??



4.) Sports, all day, all night…. baseball, soccer, football!


5.) Bunk beds, how fun is it for two boys to share bunk beds??

6.) They are low-maintenance. Dressing them is easy, and they are so carefree!

7.) They are fun! Boys are always full of energy, they don’t take life too seriously and will always keep you laughing. They’ll track mud in the house, find every bug in the yard, and have endless amounts of scrapes and bruises.

8.)  They will have an AMAZING daddy to look up to. I question a girl looking up to me (okay just kidding), but seriously, they have such a great daddy to strive to be like.

9.)  Less to worry about. & when and if we do have a girl, we have two boys to look out for her!

10.) Because I get to be a mom. Boy or girl, it doesn’t really matter. Being a mom brings SO much joy into my life. Raising kids is a full time job, and the most important job I could imagine doing! I love watching them grown, teaching them, and being there for them.

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  1. Congratulations! I LOVED having two boys (and then three boys!) It is so wonderful to watch brothers grow up together. <3

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