Prayer Works – Featuring Faith & Finn

1 Thessalonians 5:17


“Pray Continually”

Tee By: Faith & Finn
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Prayer is something that takes practice, and that should be done at all times.

It’s so easy to pray in times of trouble, when things aren’t going quite right. I know for me, when I am struggle, I wonder why God is putting me through this. I pray to him, asking for help.
What I need to improve on is praying in times of joy, in all times.

God is always good, and always there. He is the reason behind all good things, and we should be continually thanking him.
One of my favorite devotionals is One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. It’s a great reminder that there really are 1,000 things and more to be thankful for. Thousands of things to pray about and thank God about.
Prayer works, in time of trouble, in time of thanks, and any time at all. So pray continually, pray about all things, and teach your little’s to pray as well. 
Mom Boss: Erin – Faith & Finn Founder
|| More about the AMAZING mama behind this great brand: “My name is Erin and I’m the founder of Faith & Finn. My inspiration for starting my line of apparel came from my son “Finn The Fighter”, you can read about how he got his nickname in “Our Story”. It’s always been my dream to be a mom and run my own business. When I became a stay at home mom my amazing husband George encouraged me to follow my dreams and start my business. I design and hand-make all of our Tees based on messages that I would like to put out into the world. They may be funny, encouraging or Biblical but they will always come from a place of faith and positivity, aiming to inspire and spread love” ||

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