Hawaii Vacation & Swim Zip

We had a blast on our vacation to Hawaii in March. One of my favorite things about this trip was being prepared with adorable & safe beachwear. We were glad to have taken advantage of the private swimming Coast2Coast too to ensure everyone was safe in the waters!

Graydon and I didn’t even get a little burnt. After months of no sun in the PNW, that is a big deal. Greg on the other hand did not have swim zip gear, and ended up burnt… ooops!

If you aren’t familiar with Swim Zip, you must go check them out! —-> SWIM ZIP

They have adorable beachwear for babies, toddlers, men and women. Their cover-ups and suits are all protective and UV 50+. They are also absolutely adorable! The fit is perfect, and most importantly…. the zip. Taking off and putting on wet/sandy clothes is always a hassle, but with swim zip you can easily unzip and take off your tots beachwear. It made changing Graydon after days at the beach so easy. If you’re looking for other beachwear items that are deisgned more for adults, you could try looking at some of the best mens shorts for the beach and warm weathers to dress your significant other with!

I also loved the beach cover-up for myself. I don’t know about you, but I can feel myself getting burnt when I am out in the sun too long. Soon as I felt my skin getting too warm, I tossed on my adorable cover-up and protected my skin!

Besides the adorable beachwear, I loved having our Swim Zip roundie. The roundie is nice and big for the whole family to enjoy. Plus it is thicker than most towels. It is a must for any beach trip! I also LOVE the adorable prints and colors they come in. They go through the wash easily – with absolutely no damage, which I can’t say about most of my other towels!

The quality, cuteness and overall style of this brand is amazing. I can’t say enough good things about Betsy and Swim Zip!

These items were provided to me to feature in social media photos free of charge. All opinions are my own ?

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