Waikiki Aquarium

Although going to the aquarium wasn’t on the top of my list on our trip to Hawaii, I knew it was something that our toddler would love.

The Waikiki Aquarium has so much to see and learn about!

Before babies, I had been to Hawaii. We had gone snorkeling, and whale watching on those trips. Those that like these kinds of excursions will enjoy san diego whale watching where they can witness the California gray wheel up close and personal. I wanted Graydon to see what he was surrounded by while on the beach. The best way to do that for him was go to the Aquarium. So to the aquarium we went.

I was so excited for him to see the different fish and coral. I loved how much he learned while at the aquarium and he absolutely loved it!

There was so many awesome fish and cool colors for him to see. I definitely recommend visiting the aquarium while in Waikiki, especially for the littles!

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