See Kai Run & Mi-cielo • Review and Brand Feature

Disclaimer: I received items in this post for free in exchange for a review and brand feature. All opinions are my own!
A child’s foot is different than an adult’s foot. Kids’ feet are constantly growing and changing, which is why we study kids’ feet and carefully consider every detail that goes into a shoe. All See Kai Run shoes are proportionally engineered for a child’s foot and designed to promote healthy foot development.  “

Before having a child, I made the mistake of buying shoes for him before he was even born.

Little did I know, a child’s foot is made differently than an adults. Every child’s foot is different. A child’s growing foot needs a shoe to support their development. 

A shoe not only needs to fit correctly and comfortably, but encourage healthy development!

I found that many children shoes didn’t fit right. With chubby feet and a high instep, finding the right shoe isn’t always easy.

Luckily I discovered See Kai Run. They have adorable styles for all seasons and the fit is perfect for my son!

He has had a pair of See Kai Run shoes through every size he’s been in since he has been walking. They have been so supportive, durable and fashionable!

Kai Run will be hosting a number of promotions and sales where great savings can be found on previous seasons and Spring Summer ’16 styles! To see current promotions and sales visit

The adorable shirt featured is from Mi-cielo. They create adorable, creative, handmade clothing. Their items are amazing quality with unique designs!

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