Seaworld with a Toddler + 10 Tips for a Great Day

Disclaimer: We received complimentary tickets in exchange for a blog feature and review. All opinions are my own.

Last week we had the privilege of going to SeaWorld San Diego. To say this kid had fun would be an understatement. He is actually sitting here with me right now asking to go back! He has been trying to convince daddy to go back to San Diego and go to SeaWorld again.

Although he had fun, going anywhere with a newly potty trained toddler can be challenging. It involves knowing where the bathrooms are, having a schedule, and being flexible! Here are ten tips for going to SeaWorld with a Toddler!

  1. Be prepared to be outside all day. This means sun protection! Graydon wore his Swim Zip outfit. Swim Zip’s outfits are lightweight and UPF 50+. This keeps your little one safe in the sun! Sun burn is the last thing you want to worry about at SeaWorld! Swim Zip carries adorable and great quality sun protection outfits for the whole family! Leave a comment on this blog post for a chance to win $30 credit to Swim Zip. (Giveaway ends July 9)

  2. Know where the bathrooms are. There are plenty of bathrooms throughout the park, but having a map to help locate them is very helpful!
  3. Have a flexible schedule. Know the shows you REALLY want to go to and the times they start. Also know your toddler. If sitting still for too long is tough, make sure you go as close to start time as possible. There is a lot of seating at each show! If you know your toddler wants to be up close and in the splash action, get there early to make sure you get a spot!
  4. Have a lunch time plan. There are plenty of spots for lunch, but the parking lot is also close if you want to pack a lunch. They don’t allow outside food in, but you can certainly go out to your car for lunch!
  5. Take a break at Sesame Street! There are rides for tots, places to run around for kids of all ages, and a huge playground. The day can get long sitting in a stroller and watching the shows. This allows them to get some energy out.

  6. Relax as a mom! For me I was stressing out about the potty. I ended up putting a diaper on him and forgetting the whole potty process. If he asked to go we took him, but if he went in his diaper – that was okay too. With the long shows, and so much going on, I learned (from other moms) that it can be tough for a little one. It’s so far out of everyday life – some things just have to be forgotten! We are back home and having 0 accidents once again – so I was worried for nothing, and SeaWorld is not a place you want to be stressed!
  7. Be ready for crowds! SeaWorld is pretty busy. Having a stroller or carrier is a must!
  8. Plan for naptime. My toddler fell asleep in his stroller and took a nice nap. My mom and I sat and watched the whales while he slept. It was a nice break for us as well!
  9. Let your toddler take the lead. Chances are he/she will have a favorite! Let them choose what they would like to see. Graydon enjoyed the dolphins!

  10. Have fun! SeaWorld is such an amazing place – plan your day – see the shows – check everything out and have an amazing time!!

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8 Responses

  1. Anel Winney says:

    Sesame Street Looks like fun! I've inly been to sea world once, and it was pretty cool seeing all the animals!

  2. leilani. says:

    Looks like a fun trip! You are looking adorable!

  3. Laura Roque says:

    Love the orcas. At the one in San Antonio I remember being that close as a child but as far as I know not anymore ��

  4. Laura Roque says:

    Love the orcas. At the one in San Antonio I remember being that close as a child but as far as I know not anymore ��

  5. Keri says:

    Looks like an awesome day! I'd love to own a swimzip for my 2 year old son!

  6. What a fun day! Great pictures and memories made. Thank you for the tips. We have 2 toddlers and life can get wild!

  7. Sea World is one of my favorite places and I hope to take my 1-year-old son th ere sometime soon! Thanks for the great tips!

  8. rudie2shoes says:

    Great tips especially with having a flexible schedule. My toddler dictates when it's nap time so i have to follow her lead.

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