39 Week Bumpdate

I cannot believe I made it to the 39 week mark!

My Outfit Details:
Kimono // H&M
Belly Support Tank// Belly Bandit
Shorts// Thred UP (OLD NAVY)

My hospital bag is packed with some amazing goodies.

Parasol Diapers & Wipes // Oat Mama// Earth Mama // Zoe Organics // Mod Mum Maternity // Dainty Pear // Noomie Baby// Bravado Nursing Bra // Goumikids
I am feeling great, and so ready for this baby to get here! It’s a weird feeling going into my second birth experience. A part of me feels completely prepared, but another part is ready for the unexpected.
This time around I am planning a water birth, which I am super excited for! I was able to use the soaking tub when Graydon was born, but had to get out to push. The process of getting out of the tub and finding a comfortable position was very difficult for me! I am so excited to be able to stay in the tub if I want to this time.
One thing I am most excited about is our time bonding as a family of four. I am so excited to see Graydon’s relationship with the new baby. I have no doubt in my mind that he will be an amazing big brother!
Outfit Details:
Top // Kohls
Pants // H & M
Shoes // See Kai Run
Cars // Hot Wheels
I’m also excited to have my husband here this time around. He only had three days of paternity leave and missed the actual birth with Graydon, so this is going to be a whole new experience for us! I’m sure my birth story will include a funny Greg story!
& now we wait…….
(PS • any advice from seasoned mamas welcome!)

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8 Responses

  1. You look incredible for being 39 weeks! Waiting for both my babies to come at the end was such an exciting time. Congratulations and I can't wait to see pictures of the new baby!

  2. Looking forward to hearing how you liked a water birth. I considered it but then realiZed I liked an epidural way too much haha

  3. Thank you!! It's so hard waiting at the end!!!

  4. Hahahaha that's great! I've heard good things about both the epidural & the water birth!

  5. You look fabulous mama!! I was lucky enough to have a water birth and it was an amazing experience! I honestly don't think I could ever have a land birth now. Good luck!

  6. BRENDA VANCE says:

    Such a BEAUTIFUL mother….you will do GREAT Ashley!

  7. BRENDA VANCE says:

    Such a BEAUTIFUL mother….you will do GREAT Ashley!

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