Potty Training Part 1 • The First Month

I love the idea of sharing our potty training journey and what worked for us. Every child is so different when it comes to potty training, what works for us might be great for your child, or might not work at all!

I wanted to start Potty Training Graydon between 18 months and 2, but he was terrified of the potty. This kid didn’t even like baths for a while because of the unknown down the drain. (Now we can’t get him out of the water)
Since he was so scared of the potty, I just put it off. He was able to tell me when he was going – and showed other signs. He just didn’t want to sit on the potty!
We decided to get some stickers and bribe him. There was no forcing – we just told him that he would get a sticker. Still a no-go. I decided to just sit him up there an play games with his bath toys. Turns out – he loved it.

So here is how we potty trained him….
At 2 years and 2 months –

Week 1: I took the diaper off. He peed on the floor 2 times!  The first was full on I had to do some cleaning. The next time he peed a couple drops, realized he needed to go and went in the potty. I then started putting him in undies. He had some accidents – just peeing a little before telling me he needed to go. 
He ended up loving the stickers as well! It was great motivation for him to stop what he was doing and enjoying to use the potty.

Weeks 1-2: The hardest part for me the first couple of weeks was the amount of time spent in the bathroom. We read a lot of books and he figured out what he needed to do when he was on the potty!
Week 3: We went on a 17 hour road trip. NIGHTMARE – He asked to go potty every hour. Even though he was in a diaper in the car, I felt that if he was asking to go it was my duty to allow that. He had worked so hard – I didn’t want to discourage him! So there we were driving all the way to San Diego – stopping every hour.

Regression: We spent a day at Lego Land and SeaWorld while in San Diego. With the lines, the excitement and extra stimulation we stopped everything. I put him back in his diaper, and cried thinking about all the hard work we did for nothing. 
Week 4: The rest of the trip was hit or miss. He did well some days, but had some accidents. I think it was confusing being in a diaper at times and having so much going on!

I wouldn’t recommend potty training before a big trip, but after months of trying it is when he decided he was ready! 
Although the no diaper potty training method worked on just a couple of days, the first month of training was still a challenge for me!

Stay tuned for Potty Training part 2 • The Second Month! I plan on sharing some more tips and some of our favorite potty training gear.

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