Summer Fun with California Baby

Disclaimer: I received products free of charge in exchange for featured posts. All opinions are my own.

A couple of weeks ago I started my search for a hair gel product for kids. It was important for it to be safe to use on Graydon. I then discovered California Baby + Kids Jelly Mousse. I remembered seeing a review from one of my favorite bloggers The Ashmore Blog. She shared all of her bathroom essentials featuring some of their amazing products, so I knew this product would be something wonderful!

California Baby on using Green Ingredients:

“We scrutinize everything we do through what we call our “Green Screen.” We start by using raw materials that have little or no toxicity to human health and the environment and work closely with suppliers to develop safer green ingredients with superb performance. We carefully select sustainable naturally derived or organic ingredients with the strongest safety and environmental profiles and avoid those that can trigger allergies or that are potentially harmful to the environment. Our strict standards ensure that all California Baby products are CA Proposition 65 compliant, which means they contain no carcinogens such as 1-4 Dioxane, phthalates or other possibly detrimental contaminants.”

We were not only able to try their Jelly Mousse, but able to sample their entire summer kit. This kit has all of the summer essentials to keep your little one safe!
  • Sunglasses to protect your little ones eyes
  • Sunscreen for sensitive skin
  • Bug Repellent without the chemicals (this DEET free bug spray is the perfect non-chemical choice)
  • Swimmers defense shampoo and wash to balance PH levels
  • Calming shampoo and wash
  • Aloe and Arnica soothing cream
This kit is a must have kit for summer fun! It keeps mom worry free, plus baby and kids safe and protected.
The Jelly Mousse is perfect to style your little ones hair. The safe ingredients keeps hair held all day long!
What kind of adventures would you take your Summertime Essentials kit on??

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5 Responses

  1. Aw girl that's SO sweet of you to link my blog to this post! That mousse is amAzing!

  2. cm says:

    We love getting outside in the summer, and having a bunch of kid-friendly, safe sun protection products is key!

  3. marlynn says:

    Your little man is adorable! That hair! The mousse definitely looks like a great product.

  4. Melissa Chee says:

    Cute photos! And fun products

  5. OrangeMew says:

    What great styling you've done on this lil guy!

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