My Simple Birth Story || Baby #2


Beckett Stephen Peavey
6 LBS 11 OZ
18 3/4 Inches (I don’t think they stretched him out all the way)
Onesie// Baby Noomie 
Sticker // Sticky Bellies
Graydon was born born 3/17/14, four days before his due date. I thought I would at least go four days easily again with this boy. When that day past, I was sure that I would go late this time.

 I wrote a lot more than expected, but overall everything throughout my labor and delivery was pretty simple. As simple as it could possibly be when giving birth to a little miracle that god blesses you with. <3

Friday, August 5th – 1 day before my due date. Greg had the day off and we had a fairly normal off day. Around 2:00 we went on our daily 3 mile walk for Graydon to take his nap. I was feeling a little more cramping and nerve pain than normal throughout the walk, but really thought nothing of it. 
That night I made dinner, fed Graydon, cleaned up and went on with our normal routine. I noticed some more cramping, but still thought nothing of it. 
At around 11:00 I knew that they were contractions. I was now able to time them and pretty certain I would be going into the hospital sometime soon. I didn’t want to alarm anyone, but I let Greg know that I was feeling contractions. 
Sleep did not happen, nope not even a wink. Now at around midnight I was really struggling with the timing. It didn’t seem like there was a clear end to the contractions. When I was laying down I felt okay though. 
I did some laundry, looked up some contraction info on my phone, and tried to sleep. 
At around 2:00 I walked downstairs to call the midwife to give her a heads up. I let her know what I was feeling – that they were about five minutes apart, but there was really no end to them. I was expecting her to just let me know to call her back when they were 3 minutes apart. Instead, she said it sounds like I’m in labor and to head in!
I then text my parents to let them know it was time for them to head over  to our place to watch Graydon. At that time I was sure glad I was on my way to the hospital because those contractions were sure getting painful! 
My walk from the parking garage to L&D was long and painful. I stopped about every minute with a strong contraction. 
We arrived into L&D, walking in at the same time as my midwife. I was admitted into the hospital at 2:30 – they hooked me all up – checked my vitals and then checked how dilated I was. 
I was already at a seven (possibly eight) at that time. 
They then set up the tub for my water birth – and it felt pretty nice getting in there and laboring for about 1.5 hours. And by nice, I really don’t mean it, but it was probably the best case scenario not involving some drugs! 
After a few pushes in the tub, I realized that I needed to get out of the tub. This baby was not going to be born in water. 
I pushed for about 30 minutes outside of the tub before he was born. His heart rate was dropping on my last push – so I gave an extra hard push to get him out of there that last time. 
& there he was at exactly 4:30 AM, looking just like Graydon, and I fell in love with another little boy, just when I thought I couldn’t love another little boy like I love G- God granted me with even more love in my heart. I made it through my second unmedicated birth, and feeling pretty good about it. I’d give myself at least a good year to forget about the pain before we start talking about a third though ;).  
Nursing Bra// Bravado
Gown// ModMum
Necklace// Dainty Pear
Unfortunately, there are no funny Greg stories. He did amazing, and was as helpful as a man in L&D could possibly be! 
Beckett latched on to nurse right away and has been a nursing champ ever since. At five days old he was already above his birth weight, weighing 7LBS 3OZ!
Graydon met Beckett at around 11:30 the next day and loved on his baby brother. He has been such an amazing helper and great big brother! It’s amazing seeing how much he loves him! 
My heart is so full right now, and I praise and thank god for these wonderful blessings in my life. 
A huge thank you to my Midwife Ashley at Pacific Midwifery. She was absolutely incredible and just what I needed to get me through everything. Also, my nurse at Legacy was equally amazing, pushing me into uncomfortable positions to get the baby out!
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Gown: Mod Mum Maternity – This gown was amazing to have after I delivered! With the side snaps, it made nursing a breeze. It made me feel beautiful while still being comfortable. I couldn’t imagine not having this gown after having one through this birth! 
Necklace: Dainty Pear – This necklace is so beautiful in person! It’s such a special gift to represent both of my boys on my heart <3. 
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  1. BRENDA VANCE says:

    My precious granddaughter whom I cherish and adore….always my sweet girl! You are truly amazing and I'm so proud of you!

  2. Amazing! This makes me excited for my son to be a big brother and I am definitely getting a cuter hospital gown next time. I am also debating doing it natural next time.

  3. Unknown says:

    I am so happy and excited for your family and new arrival. God bless you today and always.

  4. He is so beautiful! Congrats mama!!!!

  5. Kim S says:

    What an amazing birth story! You did great!!

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