Becoming a Big Brother • Featuring Finn & Emma

Disclaimer: I received the pictured outfits in exchange for featured posts. All opinions are my own. Also, my toddler still has his moments, and is far from perfect (but perfect to me).

Pajamas// Finn & Emma
Stickers// Sticky Bellies

The boys are pictured in their super soft Finn and Emma Pajamas! Finn and Emma features the most comfortable organic wear for babies and toddlers. You know how some siblings become jealous or feel like they are not getting enough attention from their parents as soon as a new child is in the picture, this wasn’t the case for Finn and Emma. Finn loves Emma a lot and I’m sure it works both ways too. Recently, a friend of mine also gave birth to a baby girl. But for her, when she bought the baby home, her daughter was not having any of it. It became an issue in the house, where her oldest kid was refusing to do anything unless she was given a baby of her own. A toy baby just to clarify. Her mom thought it was only fair, so she bought a doll and looked into something like the Play Like Mum’s range of dolls prams just so her kid could be just like her. After this, things began to settle at home. After looking after her own toy baby, she managed to find empathy towards her new sibling and loves her like nothing else. This is a situation many parents find themselves in, but it is not one you cannot solve. Look at how cute my boys look here.

Here we live in the balance of stylish and sustainable, classic and contemporary, whimsical and sophisticated. Here boring designs and toxic chemicals are a thing of the past while modern colors, fresh prints and heirloom quality construction are abundant.”

Bringing Home Baby….
One of my biggest fears of bringing a new baby into this world was splitting time and love with my two year old. My bond with Graydon is extremely strong and before I went into labor, he had never woken up without me by his side in his entire life.

When I got pregnant with baby number two, one of our biggest priorities was making sure Graydon was ready to be a big brother.

Here are ten things we did to help prepare Graydon.
1.) He came to every appointment and the ultrasound with us. He was as much as part of this pregnancy as Greg and I.
2.) Graydon naturally picked up on loving my belly after seeing Greg talking to and caring for baby brother. It really showed him something special was happening.
3.) We talked to him about baby brother a lot. We explained to him what baby brother would be like and what a big helper he could be.
4.) Family and friends were all involved in talking to him about baby brother.
5.) We read him books about bringing home a new sibling.
6.) We involved him in setting up baby brothers room and organizing his things.
7.) We took him to the store to pick out some presents to give to baby brother. He has been in charge of getting his toys for him.
8.) We bought Graydon some new things to spoil him after baby brother was born too. He even had a gift from baby brother!
9.) We had conversations about everyday scenarios that would happen with baby brother. We talked about baby sitting next to him in the car and maybe even the double shopping cart at Costco!
10.) We made sure Graydon was the first person to meet baby brother in the hospital. He got a lot of time visiting us and he felt really special!

Every toddler is different, and of course will respond differently. It’s most important to just know your child and have conversations with him or her.

Graydon has adjusted so well and is such an amazing big brother! A lot has changed, but at the same time so much has stayed the same for him.

Have you brought home a new baby with a toddler at home? What worked for your family when making the transition?

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12 Responses

  1. Awww, they are the cutest brothers! I also love all your tips, thank you!!

  2. Sumer says:

    They are adorable together! I love their matching outfits and coordinating stickers! Such a fun idea!!

  3. Linh Vo says:

    How sweet are these photos! We love Finn + Emma too! Loved hearing that the transition was good and Graydon adjusted so well. I think what helped for us was talking about Matea a lot before her arrival so Marli started getting use to hearing her name and things they would do together. We also got Marli a present from Matea and gave it to her when the sisters met.

  4. Jenni Bost says:

    We too did the gift from baby brother to big brother. Our oldest says “this was from baby brother!” every time he picks it up. 😀

  5. That's so great! We made sure Graydon was used to hearing Beckett's name too 🙂

  6. That's so wonderful! We've included our daughter in other things and she has responded very well. Great tips!

  7. Jessica Koza says:

    They are so cute! I told agree with so many of your points. Great post!

  8. Heydy Lopez says:

    These pictures are just precious ! I did a few things to help ease Jayden into being a Big Brother and one thing he really loved was that we gave him a present from “Abel” after he was born! It was great 🙂

  9. Yes! It can be challenging watching your firstborn go from your one and only to having to share the attention, but there's nothing better than the sibling bond!!

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