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Summer 2013, the summer I found out I was going to be a mom. I had nine months to prepare for this thing called motherhood, but I had no idea where to even begin, not a clue what to expect. So there I was, 23 years old, couldn’t remember the last baby I held, let alone diaper I changed – downloading the “What to Expect” app on my phone.

As the months went by, I had decided on very few things about my parenting style. I knew I wanted a natural birth, that I wanted to breastfeed until he was at least one, and that he would probably sleep in his crib (haha, he never did).
Fast-forward to March 17th and my beautiful baby boy was here and I was a hot-mess! I don’t know if it was the colic or my inexperience, but those first few months were far from easy. I knew nothing, and although my mom extinct was definitely there, I wasn’t really sure about anything.

When Graydon was a couple of months old, I went to an event called Gearapalooza. I spent an evening listening to Jamie – “The Baby Guy” talk about baby stuff and learned about who Jessica “The Leaky Boob” was. This was my entrance into the blogging world.
So what’s my Motherhood 101? It’s all the mommy bloggers out there that I’ve connected with since becoming a mom.
I’ve learned so much from other moms through my blogging connections. It’s made me a better mom, and better person. These ladies I follow, they are so smart, so hard working and all amazing mamas! I’m so thankful that so many people are blogging. Anyone wanting to get into blogging will need some reliable web hosting. Going to might be useful.
& here are some things they’ve helped me through….
• When I wasn’t sure what to expect for breastfeeding. When my baby wanted to nurse to sleep, and constantly wake to nurse – The Leaky Boob posts ensured me that it was normal and okay. It felt so good reading about others who were going through or had went through the same thing as myself.

• So many times I’ve felt inadequate as a stay at home mom. I’ve felt pressure to go back to work. My connections with other stay at home moms and even working moms makes me feel like I’ve made the right decision. I see that we all have our differences and different personalities. That everyone makes they’re decision off of what’s best for their family – and you can’t let anyone make you feel like you’ve made the wrong choice. Plus, who else gets to have the excuse of ordering a large amount of office supplies through companies like Office Monster than a stay at home mom. You don’t understand how much I love stationary. If I could, I would literally buy everything I saw, even if I didn’t need it. My recent purchase consisted of a peel and stick dry erase whiteboard. This is something I definitely didn’t know I needed until it was in my possession. Making lists and prioritising my day has never been easier, especially as a stay at home mom.

Being able to look after my kids as well as working from home has its advantages.

• Taking care of myself and taking time for myself – this is a huge one. The mommy bloggers out there who also blog on fashion – they encourage me to take time for myself. That even though I’m “just a mom” – to get dressed and make myself feel good, to do my hair, put some makeup on. It doesn’t have to be everyday, but at least every once in a while.
• I’ve learned that it’s okay to not be perfect. The house is going to be messy, you can’t always be the perfect mom. Mom guilt is real you guys! Sometimes I don’t feel like I give my toddler enough attention, that my house isn’t clean enough, or that I’m not cooking the healthiest meals. The mommy bloggers I follow always keep it real though. They share the ups and downs of motherhood.
• I’ve learned about the correct way to baby wear, how to potty train in three days, how to build milk supply, car seat safety, the best way to cloth diaper, where to get the best and safest baby products and so much more from bloggers.
As a second time mom, two weeks into this whole gig – I feel so much more confident. I know part of it is just being a second time mom, but I’m certain that a lot of is from all I’ve learned from my fellow blogging mamas!

& that is my “Motherhood 101” – reading about experiences from real moms. The mommy bloggers I follow have so much great information & amazing things to share. I wouldn’t be the mom I am without them! They help me get through this so called mother “hood”.

Here is just a short list of some of my favorite mommy bloggers, and when I say short, I mean short because there are SO many others that I love!

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6 Responses

  1. XO Kerry says:

    This is wonderful! I completely agree. I did most of my motherhood homework on blogs. I consider some of my blogger friends, my best gal pals. Because let's be honest. It's hard to make new mom friends in real life.

  2. It really is! The amount of times I wished my blogging friends lived closer….. ❤️

  3. Having a mom tribe is so key on getting through motherhood. Two kids and six years and sometimes I still struggle with the idea of perfection…mostly with my house haha!

  4. Sheila Coppi says:

    I love all these mamas! I read so many blogs (even more than the like 800 books that I read 😉) when I was pregnant with my son. I still learn so many things about motherhood from the awesome bloggers I follow!

  5. Oh MY GOSH!! I love you girl!!!!!! I am ALWAYS, ALWAYS here for you Ash! Thank you for including me, I am so humbled by that! XOXOXO You are doing a fantastic job at Motherhood!

  6. Such a great post! You talk about some great reminders for new moms and even moms with multiple children. I am still working on the perfection one. I find it so hard to be ok with not being perfect every day. I know it is not possible but the inner struggle is real!

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