My Experience with Colic

As a first time mom, I didn’t know what to expect. When my newborn son spent hours of the day crying, I assumed it was just what babies did. When nothing I did could possibly soothe him, I thought it was me. 
On one hand, he was eating fine, healthy as can be, and growing like a champ. On the other, he was miserable at sleeping, impossible to soothe and leaving me so incredibly exhausted. 
Months later, after spending time around other babies, I realized that my son was definitely a colicky baby. It took a while for me to actually admit it, to admit that my perfect little boy, was really a difficult baby. 
Here is what I wish everyone knew about dealing with colic.
• The sound of my son crying hurts me way more than it could possibly be affecting you. Trust me, if there was something I could do, anything, I would do it.
• I’ve tried everything. He’s fed, he has a clean diaper, he burped, and I’ve tried getting him to sleep.
• The looks you give me aren’t going to make him stop crying, and they aren’t going to make me a better mom.
• Yes, I could have just stayed home, but I have stuff I have to get done. I’ve also been in the house for far too long, and I can’t let colic take over my life. 
• I’m doing okay. I’m so thrilled to be a mom and I love this kid so much – no amount of crying could possibly change that. I may look stressed in the moment, I may even look like a hot mess, but I’m happy. 
& here is what having a child with colic has taught me.
• I really don’t need all that much sleep, if any.
• I can eat really really fast. Chances are once I lay him down, I might have five minutes to eat.
• Everything that needs to be done can be done with one hand, or while wearing a baby. 
• As hard and long as these months might seem, they go by quick, and they’ll soon be a distant memory.
• Before you know it, you’ll have an incredibly amazing, intelligent, well behaved toddler standing by your side. 
So here’s to all the moms who almost never put down their baby, who live with a carrier strapped on at all times, who spend hours of their evenings desperately trying to soothe their baby, who don’t get any sleep and to all those moms scarfing down their dinners knowing their baby will be up any second. 
Although, the chances are these probably won’t work – here are some tips for dealing with Colic.
1.) Wear that baby 
2.) Skin to skin
3.) Bounce, Rock, Walk, swaddle, burp – basically anything you can think of that might make them feel better or like they’re back in the womb
4.) Take them outside, or near a window
5.) Call in extra help if you can. My mom was my savior when my husband was gone and I just needed a shower and to eat a good meal! 
Have you had a baby with colic? What were some things that helped you survive those months?

(Luckily my second son has no signs of Colic yet!)

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