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Disclaimer: I received items in this post free of charge. All opinions are my own.

This pregnancy I gained 37 pounds, and by the end my maternity clothes were even feeling a little too snug. It’s such a difficult time of feeling blessed and excited about having a baby, but just not myself. Getting dressed has been a difficult task, and I’ve felt very insecure about my body.

By 38 weeks I was not only ready to hold my baby, but ready to have my body back. Well, I forgot the little piece about it being a process. A process to recover, to get used to having a newborn, and to get the weight off.

Although I am still not back into my pre-pregnancy clothes, I am completely over my maternity clothes. Luckily, I ‘ve found some great clothes that are both stylish and flexible on fit from Ruby Claire Boutique!

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This outfit is nursing friendly, has a comfortable fit for a new mom, and its forgiving for a postpartum body. I ordered my pre-pregnancy size and it fit wonderfully! Since the pants have a stretchy waste band, I was able to fit into them. Most importantly, I feel beautiful in this outfit! So, thanks Ruby Claire – this mom needed a confidence boost.

Lillebaby Baby Carrier

Ruby Claire has so many great clothing options, as well as shoes and accessories. The quality is amazing, and the clothes look even better in person. I love the style and how unique each item is!

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16 Responses

  1. Adorable outfit! and looks comfortable too, which is so important when you're juggling kiddo's!

  2. I love that! Any cute outfit that is nursing friendly is a total win in my book! I'm 32 weeks right now and starting to grow out of my maternity clothes, which is rather depressing! But I'm thankful for the healthy baby boy that is growing bigger and bigger inside of me!

  3. You look absolutely darling in these clothes!!

  4. Alyssa Funk says:

    You look amazing momma! I love the outfit!

  5. Shani Ogden says:

    Oh man, postpartum is so hard. That annoying time between no fitting into maternity clothes or your pre-pregnancy clothes, plus feeling like a total slob because of the lack of sleep and energy. At least…that's how I felt. I purposely bought myself a couple pairs of pants that would fit me before I had to wear maternity and before my body returned to it's pre-pregnancy size so I had some clothes that I liked the fit of.

  6. So pretty! I am right there with you! Sometimes postpartum is hard and I love finding clothes that make me feel great!

  7. Jessica Koza says:

    You are adorable, and you look amazing!!! Love this outfit!

  8. Erin says:

    This outfit is adorable! The pants seem like a great piece, because they will transition with you as you continue to recover. So glad you were able to gain some confidence with these pieces, because they look fabulous on you!

  9. Thanks girl! So true!! <3

  10. Yes! It's hard to swallow the weight gain sometimes, but the baby makes it ALL SO WORTH IT!

  11. So so so true! That's a great idea. So far I've just been wearing things with extra stretch and flow.

  12. Isn't it a great feeling to sorta feel like yourself again!

  13. Yes, that is why I love them! <3 <3 <3

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