An Autumn Bucket List

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Does your family have any fall traditions? We currently don’t have any! Before this year, fall has been a sign of the end of the baseball season. Therefore it was filled with excitement that we were finally back home and done with the unexpected, different hotel rooms, and long road trips.

This year we are a family of four, and excited for the summer to fall transition. I want to make sure we make the most of it, and that it doesn’t go by too fast. So here are some things I want to make sure we do.

1.) First things first – I want to get a pumpkin spice latte. You’ll find me at Pines, for their Pumpkin Habanero Latte, made with their house made coconut cashew milk! I’m normally coffee with some cream type of girl, but I only splurge at Pines, since they make their drinks with the best ingredients, I can’t help myself.

2.) Visit the Pumpkin Patch – Graydon is at such a fun age, I cannot wait to take him! It will be great to start this tradition with both of the boys.

3.) A family getaway – Not sure if it will be a short weekend getaway, or more adventurous, but I want us to getaway together for a bit.

4.) Take family photos – I’d really love some professional pictures taken, but I will settle for some of my DSLR timer pics.

5.) Get fresh Apple Cider & find some Honey Crisp apples

6.) Carve our pumpkins & roast the seeds

7.) Take a fall hike, or maybe just a long walk. Either way I want to get outside and enjoy the beauty of fall!

8.) Family Halloween Costumes!

9.)  Crochet the boys winter hats.

10.) Spend a fall day shopping in downtown Portland, with a trip to Pips Donuts.

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