An Open Letter to Time

Watch //JORD

Dear Time,

We have a love/hate relationship. It all started when I had my first baby, it was then that I realized how fast you could be. It was then that I realized I couldn’t slow you down, I couldn’t ask you for a break.

There is just something about children that makes me think about you.

I look at my babies, my precious boys, and eighteen years never seemed so short. How can something I love so much, grow up to not need me?. I’m raising these boys to be independent, young men. Men who will get married, possibly have children of their own, and ultimately men who do not need their mama. Yet, a part of me wishes they could just stay my little babies, but I know you won’t let that happen.

Necklace // The Dainty Pear

I look down at my watch, and the excitement for the next milestone hits me. That first smile, laugh, those first words, first sentence, first day of school. These milestones, forever warming my heart, making memories I will never forget. And there it is, my love for you time. Time passing on, watching these babies learn and grow.

Then comes the hate. Three weeks gone already, my baby, newborn boy, he’s almost a month old. How did this happen? Did I mention my first baby? My adventurous, incredibly intelligent, little boy, almost two and a half. How did you go so fast time? Couldn’t you just slow down a little bit?

So there it is time, that is why we have a love/hate relationship. I cannot change this, and I don’t think you can either. All I ask is that when I look down at my wrist, and see that time on my watch, that you remind me to enjoy every moment. Motherhood is stressful, but eighteen years goes by way too fast to wish away any second.



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7 Responses

  1. Love how you incorporated Jord into this without being obvious. Very well written mama.and I agree times goes too fast

  2. Thanks so much mama. That means a lot coming from one of my favorite bloggers! XO

  3. Love these photos and this is the watch I have! Great post Ashley! He's precious!!!

  4. Melrakes says:

    I love this! I definitely identify with wishing time would slow down. I look at my 6 year old and my five month old and I just think when did she stop being a baby?

  5. I have that watch! and I could not agree more with you on this post!

  6. First of all, to my already emotional self, your words really hit home, tonight! I also love you you incorporated Jord! Such a nice piece!

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